New Mexico Parent locked up Daughter in Cage

Complaint: New Mexico boy offered to stay with girl who was locked in wooden cage; mom said no


This image provided Jan. 25, 2013 by the Las Cruces Police Department, shows Cindy Patriarchias, 33, following her arrest for child abuse. Police say she and her boyfriend locked up an 8-year-old girl with developmental disabilities in a wooden cage, then left her alone while they headed out to watch a movie.
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This photo provided Jan. 25, 2013 by the Las Cruces Police Department, shows Edmond Gonzales, 37, following his arrest for child abuse. Police say he and his girlfriend locked up an 8-year-old girl with developmental disabilities in a wooden cage, then left her alone while they headed out to watch a movie. (AP Photos/Courtesy of Las Cruces Police Department)
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LAS CRUCES, N.M. –  The son of a New Mexico woman accused of locking an 8-year-old girl with developmental disabilities in a wooden cage said he offered to stay with the girl while the rest of the household went out to a movie, authorities said.

The boy said he was uncomfortable with leaving the girl alone because she was asleep, but the woman — Cindy Patriarchias — said the girl would be “fine because they weren’t going to be out long,” according to a criminal complaint.

Patriarchias and her boyfriend, Edmond Gonzales, left the girl in the cage while they took her three children to an elementary school Friday to watch the movie, Las Cruces police said.

Patriarchias’ estranged husband called police when he arrived at the school and learned that the 8-year-old was still at the mobile home.

Officers later discovered a large homemade wooden cage in the corner of a bedroom with the girl inside. The cage had two latches on the door, a baby crib’s mattress inside and was about 2 1/2 feet wide and 4 feet tall, police said.

Another child told police that the girl was usually placed in the cage when she misbehaved, the complaint said.

Patriarchias had been trying to adopt the girl but hadn’t been able to reach the girl’s birth mother to get her consent, police have said. The girl suffers from microcephaly — a condition that leaves people with an abnormally small head.

John Patriarchias, the estranged husband, told police that the cage was built to keep the girl from getting out of her bed at night and to prevent her from getting into cleaning supplies.

Cindy Patriarchias, 33, has been charged with negligently causing child abuse. Gonzales, 37, was charged with negligently permitting child abuse. Dona County Magistrate Court records indicated that they appeared in court Monday but didn’t enter pleas.

A Las Cruces Public Schools spokesman told the Las Cruces Sun-News ( in an email Tuesday that Patriarchias was a part-time lunch monitor and volunteer at Columbia Elementary. The spokesman added that Patriarchias “has been terminated” and is no longer allowed to volunteer at the school.

Gonzales was being held on a $25,000 cash-only bond. Authorities said Patriarchias has been released.

No attorneys are listed for Patriarchias or Gonzales.


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  1. Awful. Did you hear about the one shortly before the Sandy Hook shooting….on Halloween, where the mom of a seven year old boy was babysitting a 5 year old girl. The kids were playing and the mom came in and said, “Get down on your knees and pray! You’re going to see Jesus today!” She stabbed him 100 times and then slit his throat while the other kid watched. Then she turned and did the same thing to the little girl, stabbed her 50 times, and then slit her throat as well. When the mom showed up that night to pick up her daughter, after receiving no answer at the door, called police, who discovered the blood bath and the dead bodies of the children. Isn’t that just awful? There are no words to describe.

  2. While horrible things have been happening to children for many years, they are on an increase. Satan is going after the children more than ever in the past few years, and…I believe the demonic presence behind it is one that is more evil than before who has been released for this time.

  3. I agree with you 200%!!! That is why we post such awful news stories, so people can see the truth! Many people, including Christians think we should not be posting such things. I totally disagree! We need to be uncovering the evil in order to see the truth!!!!!

  4. Some surmise that the reason the final secret of Fatima has been withheld from the general public is due to it’s warning of the persecution of deeply devout Christians (as opposed to the store-front variety who are prospering nicely), as the disclosure could conceivably cause many to turn away from their convictions out of fear. Praise God. Fear is not an option.

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