Incredible video of moonrise over Wellington, New Zealand

This mesmerising footage shows, in real time, the moon rising over a lookout position with the silhouettes of people gathering to watch the spectacle.

Moon Video


The video was shot by photographer Mark Gee near the Mount Victoria lookout in Wellington, New Zealand.

In order to capture the moon at such a large size, Mark positioned himself 1.3 miles from the Mount Victoria lookout and used a super-telephoto lens on his professional-grade DSLR camera.

Shooting at such a distance with a long focal length effectively magnifies the moon making it appear larger in the frame.

Mark said: “It’s something that I’ve been wanting to capture for a over a year now. After a lot of planning and many failed attempts, I finally managed to pull it off.

“There were numerous factors I had to consider and get right to capture the footage. The weather, moon phases and finding a suitable location where I could actually get the moon rising directly over the lookout.

“Finally it all came together – I found the perfect location, and the weather in Wellington was amazing.”

How to photograph the moon:

Mark used a Canon 1D Mark IV, Canon EF 500mm f/4 lens and a 2x extender which gave him an equivalent focal length of 1,300mm.

The video was not shot as a sped-up time-lapse, but was original footage shot in real time by his DSLR camera.

The moon itself only takes about two minutes to rise fully above the horizon, but the latitude of the observer against the horizon can change the time the moon appears to take as it rises at a different angle.

Mark shot eight minutes of footage between 9.14pm and 9.22pm with the video showing roughly the first three minutes of the moon rise.


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