Black helicopters? Army says don’t worry

Military explains Special Ops units doing ‘urban training’

BlackHelicopters  –  by Bob Unruh

Been seeing black helicopters overhead? Uniformed troops with guns drawn? Armored vehicles cruising through your residential neighborhood?

Worry not; it’s just the U.S. military’s Special Operations Command doing “realistic urban training” for military maneuvers on site in cities across the United States because that’s what they need to be able to do, according to the military.

 One of the reports that has come up in just the past few days came from Miami.

There, the Herald reported military helicopters were “buzzing” neighborhoods.

It was similar to April 2011, the report said, when military helicopters “buzzed through Brickell, leading to sleepless nights for some people and a lot of griping on social media about it.”

And KTRK in Houston reported the sound of gunfire and the helicopters overhead “created a lot of concern Monday afternoon in one Houston neighborhood.”

According to the station’s report, “With military helicopters flying above her southeast Houston neighborhood, Frances Jerrals didn’t know what to think.

“‘When you see this, you think the worst. When you hear this, you think the worst,’ Jerrals said.”

The report said the Army “took over the old Carnegie Vanguard High School. … There were armed men in fatigues, plenty of weapons and what many though were real live rounds.”

The events have a history of causing alarm.

During a recent drill in Miami, “A photographer … captured video of a military helicopter firing its machine guns as it flew over an area freeway. The chopper was firing blanks, but an artist visiting the city didn’t know.”

“‘I heard the machine gun fire and then I hit the deck … I didn’t know what to expect, and it was one of the loudest things I’d ever heard,’ Josh Epperson said,” according to the report.

Army spokesman Michael Noggle told WND that the military considers the drills routine, and it’s the responsibility of local authorities who give the military permission to stage practice assaults to notify their residents.

“These are standard training exercises known [as] realistic urban training conducted by units from United States Special Operations Command,” he said.

He continued, “The purpose of the realistic urban training is to give our Special Operators an opportunity to hone their skills in a controlled, but unfamiliar, realistic urban environment that cannot be replicated with the bare-boned facades found on military installation ranges.”

He said the Special Operations teams want to train away from their home bases because they know the layout there, maybe too well to make training effective.

“Though we have excellent training areas on military installations, it is impossible to replicate what a real urban environment offers,” Noggle said. “It is important for our military members to train in a variety of different locations and unfamiliar environments to prepare for combat overseas. This city provides a great opportunity to capitalize on the unfamiliarity of a large, urban environment and has worked well so far, thanks in large part to the cooperation of the mayor’s office and local law enforcement.”

He said people really shouldn’t be alarmed, because the military works with local authorities, who are supposed to notify their own residents if they want to.

“There is a very detailed DOD realistic urban training approval process that USSOCOM complies before conducting any training outside of a military installation,” Noggle told WND. “Foremost is notifying (and gaining permission from) the local law enforcement as well as local government officials. It is left to the discretion of the local law enforcement and government officials to notify the general public of military training.”

But when that fails, and people are alarmed, he said, it’s not the military’s fault.

“I think it is important to note that these training exercises are in coordination with local law enforcement officials,” he said. “We work very hard to inform and protect the local population, our interface is through the local authorities. We were invited by the cities to conduct joint training exercises to enhance the effectiveness of both services in order to better protect the residents.

“The Army sincerely appreciates the cooperation that we receive from the local residents and businesses in the vicinity of theses training exercises; we regret that this caused concern and angst amongst some residents.”

A CBS outlet in Chicago reported that a local “drill” also was being planned in a public school, this time by the local Gary Grove police department.

Cary Grove High School principal Jay Sargeant said the event would include “shooting blanks from a gun.”

That’s to condition teachers and students to the sound of gunfire, the report said.

The logic escaped some parents, the station said.

“If you need to run a drill, you run a drill,” parent Sharon Miller told WBBM. “They run fire drills all the time, but they don’t run up and down the hallway with a flamethrower.”

But writers at the site noted an alarming development.

“A decade ago, ‘black helicopters’ were fantasy according to the official account, and a favorite among conspiracy theorists. Today, it’s just an everyday occurrence, while the plans to ‘resettle’ the American people, or at least its dissidents, in concentration camps is officially on the books.”

The commentary linked to another site that has posted a 2010 report from the Army called “Internment and Resettlement Operations.”

“The public is being conditioned to give up its own defenses, in the way of 2nd Amendment infringements, all while being repeatedly trained to accept a constant police-military presence in its major cities…” the commentary said.

WND carried a report earlier when there were military “exercises” in Minneapolis. Records clerk Melissa Hill said, “To me it’s really frightening. Military copters flying around in our airspace in an urban setting – it kind of conditions people to accept a police state.”


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  1. Hey Lyn, just have a quick question.

    I know that you get negative feedback and persecution from unbelievers. But, do you also get it from believers?

    Just wondered. I did. I expect to get it from unbelievers. Makes me feel like I am doing my job for God. But, from a believer, I wonder if I am sometimes on the right path.

    Peace….. 😉

  2. YES! It is because there are many led astray right now. They seem to be real believers. The Word of God has been greatly watered down and perverted. I would assume whoever is persecuting you is someone sold on the “perverted” love message… and one who has the perverted definition of judging others. We are to judge the fruits of others and to tell people the truth at all times, even if we are persecuted. We are to NEVER sacrifice truth. Please remember in the Bible, a prophet is not welcome in his own country…AND…if you are not received, shake the dust from your shoes! But YES..I have been told I am judgmental, hateful, mean, stupid, ignorant, a fascist, a witch, misled, a liar…everything you can imagine…and by some I “THOUGHT” were Christians. When you are in line with God, and judged by someone you think is a Christian, they are either seriously misled to judge you when you are speaking truth, or not really in line with God’s Word. Remember, my brother..even the elect shall be led astray! The elect means also those who seem to really be right with God. Everything you post is right on target. Regarding pre or mid trib, that is a future thing (VERY NEAR) in which a varying belief does not change the persons relationship with Christ, nor is it something someone can for certain say the other is wrong on..because it has not happened. All of us assume in various teachings to know what will happen based on interpretation. Just know you’re pleasing God, and that’s why you are getting a bunch of flack! Hugs to you! And don’t I said, I get it all the time. I even had a sister whom I thought was kind to me give me a backhanded complement, saying she thought I was a harsh person and was glad to see I posted something that let her know I had a soft really hurt my feelings! LOL

  3. I hope I helped, btw! God bless you and please don’t think you are NOT on the right path. While it’s a good idea for all of us to examine ourselves, I can tell you that you are speaking only truth here. I read most of your posts. Just remember what I said about the ignorance and deception this day. You are right on, and don’t stop doing what u are doing! Love and hugs to you in Christ! You are my brother, and I will continue praying for you and being supportive in your cause.

  4. Thanks for your reply. It is a comfort to me! I know that I am doing the Lords work and what he has commanded me to do. I have felt very strongly led by the Holy Spirit to warn others of what is soon to come, watch for the signs and lead others to salvation through Jesus Christ.

    I also feel a very strong sensation that time is so very short. That world events will deteriorate very quickly. I can see much of bible prophecy being fulfilled now and in the very near future. I am not saying that I am a prophet. However, I do feel the Spirit leading me in the path that I have taken.
    I am not sorry or regret what I do for the Lord. I feel good about what I have accomplished and done for and through the Lord. I am not here to please people, only God.

    I remember one time you told me to pray in the Spirit. I wasn’t sure what that meant. I have googled this question for answers, with no real avail. However, last night, I asked God to show me and open my eyes to this meaning. Right after I prayed, I went to a site (Kenneth Copeland I believe) and it was explained to me so clearly. Praise God! I now feel as though I understand what it means to pray in the Spirit. It is a difficult thing to try and explain to someone. Most of the time when I pray I am praying in the spirit. It comes from my heart and not my head. Not from written bible verses. Wow! I felt so enlightened.

    God also gives me feelings of things which will happen, not all of the time. I have had very strong feelings for the past few months. I have been very close to God. Although I always desire to be closer and know him better. That is why I believe time is so short. I can feel it! Praise God! I love him so much!!!

    Sorry this is so long winded. I think I just needed to tell a true believer in Christ!

    Thank you Lyn, you are so very kind and blessed by the Almighty!

    Gordon 😉

  5. When I said my praying doesn’t come from written bible verses, I meant from prayers, such as the Lords prayer. Although I do use the Lord’s prayer also. I pray with my heart so that I can hear the Lord speaking to me and leading me while I am praying.

  6. When I pray, I do what you are talking about, but I also speak in the language of the Holy Spirit. It is perfectly Biblical…it’s all over the New Testament. I grew up Baptist and they did/do not believe in it. But I do I know..and it is real! I can tell a BIG difference in my life when I do it. It’s the Holy Spirit praying to the Father for what you know not! You pray for Him to fill your mouth, you believe, and you begin speaking…and yes, at first it is awkward…but if you’re by yourself, who cares. Mine sounds very Hebrew. The devil DOES NOT like it because he can’t understand it. You just have to trust me on this one. You’re not going to go to hell if you don’t do it, it’s not a sin not to..however, it is a gift He gave to all of us who will receive it, and it is wonderful because we don’t always know what to pray for when the Lord our God knows just what we need. Again, Satan literally hates it. If you were here, I’d do it with you!

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