Ever increasing Evil and Violence


Hello folks!

Wow, 2013 has not slowed down that’s for sure!  The increase in evil and violence continues to escalate. 

The number of daily headlines regarding war, riots, violence, hatred, death, murder, rape, government control, natural disasters, disease and much, much more is overwhelming.  I find myself at odds picking and choosing what to post on my blog.  There is just so much important news pertaining to the times we now live in.  News which is vital for everyone to be aware of to understand what is happening before our eyes!

Bible Prophecy is unfolding each and every day!  We are witnessing the formation of wide spread government control in America and around the world.  World governments attempting to influence their control over other nations citizens.  The emergence of a combined religion is forming (Chrislam!).

The American government, or the executive branch, is attempting to force it’s plan of dominance and control over the population.  They are attempting to bypass the Constitution and all other branches of government set in place by our founding fathers.  The three branches of government (executive, legislative and judicial) were set up to be equal in power.  To be a system of “checks and balances”.  To prevent any one of the other branches from obtaining too much power and control.  However, apparently our president and vice president believe that they can do as they please.  Not only bypass the other branches, but, also the Constitution!  We shall soon see what happens next.

Islam is playing another important role on the world stage.  They are forcing their evil beliefs and culture throughout the globe.  They proclaim to be victims of the west and Israel.   They are aggressors, instigators, evil in acts and deeds.  They are forcing their ways to become a powerful force in the world.  The world is compliant with their desires and deeds.  Evil is their middle name.  They are a puppet of Satan.  They are promoting Satan’s plan.  Shariah law is also being set in motion not only in the Middle East, but, throughout the world.  Is America the next victim of Shariah Law?

Christian persecution is not only on the rise, but, one of the main focuses in the news today!  The number of Christians being killed, murdered, tortured and imprisoned is rising exponentially each day.  Even in America, the persecution of Christians and their beliefs are on the rise.  What is in store next for American Christians?  For their beliefs?  Prison, death penalties?

Moral values and beliefs are now turned into terrorism.  People with conservative views are thought to be anarchists, terrorists and trouble makers.  How long will our government put up with us?  What is their plan for such individuals?

The acts of violence and evil deeds in the world abound.  The raping of women and children.  Mass shootings of the innocent.  Persecution of the innocent.  The increase in such heinous acts and crimes is astounding.  Never before in my life have I witnessed so much evil at any given time.  Yet, the world almost seems oblivious to it!

I am not even going to mention catastrophic weather and disasters, diseases or starvation.

It is past time for everyone to wake up!!!

The signs are here, now, before our eyes!  There are no more excuses.  The time is imminent.  This is the season.  Jesus told us to watch for the signs of his return.  Well, I am watching and I see the signs.  He said that when we see all of these signs occurring together with increased frequency that his return is at hand.  That he is even “at the door”.

Well, he is at the door now!  We must choose who we worship.  Jesus or Satan.  That’s it! 

Are you ready?  Who will you choose?  The choice is yours.  God loves you.  He cares about you.  He wants you to make the right decision.  He wants you to choose him.  Because he is righteous and loving, he has given you a free will to make a choice. 

What will it be?

Jesus Saves!   If you would like to choose Jesus now click here.

God Bless!      🙂


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3 thoughts on “Ever increasing Evil and Violence

  1. hi,, I am writing a christian book about the end times. God has inspired me to write this. would it be ok if I use alot of what you wrote here in my book?

  2. I don’t have a problem with that, as long as you put the name of this site along with it (www.endtimebibleprophecy.wordpress.com).

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