A Tribute to Communism

The following is a re-blog from the site of “Cry and Howl” who deserves the credit along with Christine at “Talk Wisdom”:

My friend Christine at “Talk Wisdom” posted the following video. It behooves everyone to take a few minutes to watch this sobering clip. In my view, this is the world people like Barack Obama envision. Why else would he surround himself with people who admire leaders responsible for the murder of tens of millions of innocent people?


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3 thoughts on “A Tribute to Communism

  1. Hi GDK4GOD!

    Great blog! I followed your link from Steve’s Cry and Howl site. Thank you for the acknowledgement.

    This video needs to make the rounds so that more people are awakened to what REALLY happened in the past. Trevor Loudon of New Zeal (a blog with lots of traffic) has it up at his blog today..

    I don’t know how anyone could watch that video and not be horrified. But it seems that Steve’s “resident liberal” just did a “shrug your shoulders” type of comment.

    My dad fought in WWII. He couldn’t bring himself to talk about it. He died 17 years ago and I know that he would be absolutely disgusted with the current pResident in the White House. His fraudulent first election, Marxist policies, pro-Islam/anti-Israel foreign policy, socialist healthcare rammed through Congress and the theft of the second term is truly disheartening.

    The rise of ObaMAO is so similar to Hitler, Stalin, or any other commie dictator’s rise to power.

    As I’ve stated elsewhere, we do not put our hope in men. My hope is in Jesus Christ!

    God bless you and great work here at your blog!

    Talk Wisdom blog

    • Thank you Christine for your kind words. I too served in the military for 6 years. I greatly appreciate your Fathers service to our country and pray that he is in a better place. If I did not believe that we are living in the end times I would be shocked about the election and re-election of Obama. I pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the world. Once again, thanks! 🙂

  2. Thank you! And thanks to you for your service to our country!

    The good news is that my dad accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior just 5 months before he died of mesothelioma. After 41 years of worrying about his salvation, he finally was willing to hear the truth. I shared it with him using Bible verses over the course of 3 days as he laid in bed helpless. A day later, an extraordinary event happened in that living room that will forever stay with me for the rest of my life! My dad also had a “reprieve” because he lived for 5 more months and got to do his “bucket list” – so to speak.

    I have added your blog to my blogroll. God bless you in your wonderful work of evangelism!

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