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Church collapse in northern Mexico kills boy, 10, injures dozens

By Gabriel Stargardter

MEXICO CITY, Sept 29 (Reuters) – A church under construction in the northern Mexican city of Juarez collapsed on Sunday, killing a 10-year-old boy and injuring at least 28 people, a senior Juarez official said.

The semi-erected Santa Clara Catholic Church was little more than walls covered by an improvised tarpaulin roof that buckled on Sunday morning after a buildup of torrential rain, dragging the walls down onto the congregation of around 200 people, said Jesus Fernandez, the secretary of Juarez council.

A 10-year-old boy died on his way to the hospital, while 28 others also had been hospitalized, Fernandez said.

“It’s a tragedy, an accident caused by the large amounts of rain,” he said.

Large swaths of Mexico have been battered by intense rainfall in recent weeks, causing mass flooding, and destroying roads and bridges. The government expects the flooding to knock about 0.1 percentage point from growth this year. (Reporting by Gabriel Stargardter; Editing by Eric Beech)

In Mexico’s north, second mass shooting in a week leaves four dead

(LA Times) MEXICO CITY — Four men were killed and five people seriously injured early Thursday at a bar outside the northern city of Monterrey when assailants burst in and opened fire on patrons, officials with the state government of Nuevo Leon said.

The shooting in the Monterrey suburb of Santa Catarina comes a little more than three days after gunmen killed 10 people, including a young girl, at a party celebrating the victory of a baseball team near the border city of Ciudad Juarez, in the state of Chihuahua.

The killings are sure to unnerve security officials in the two northern states, as well as their federal counterparts in Mexico City. Earlier this month, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto cited Chihuahua and Nuevo Leon as success stories in his government’s effort to restore peace in the nation, noting that homicides had declined in those states by 37.2% and 46.5%, respectively, since he took office in December.

Peña Nieto says homicides nationwide decreased 13.7% between December and July compared with the same period a year earlier. But some independent observers have said they distrust the government’s figures.

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Hurricane, tropical storm blamed for at least 12 more deaths in Mexico

Hurricane Ingrid and Tropical Storm Manuel have been pummeling the country on its eastern and western coasts even before either has made landfall.


A family wades through a flooded street in Acapulco following the passage of Tropical Storm Manuel on Sunday.       PEDRO PARDO/AFP/Getty Images

(AP) ACAPULCO, Mexico — Flooding and landslides unleashed by Hurricane Ingrid and Tropical Storm Manuel have claimed at least a dozen lives even before the weather systems had made landfall on the country’s east and west coasts.

In the southern Pacific Coast state of Guerrero, rains unleashed by Manuel resulted in the deaths of six people when their SUV lost control on a highway headed for the tourist resort of Acapulco.

 Another five people died in landslides in Guerrero and Puebla states, while the collapse of a fence killed another person in Acapulco.

Hurricane Ingrid, tropical storm Manuel combine to kill 20 in Mexico

Mexican marines carry an elderly woman to a shelter

Mexican marines carry an elderly woman to a shelterafter her home was flooded by rains caused by tropical storm Manuel.     AFP: Pedro Pardo

(AFP) At least 20 people have been killed and thousands more forced to evacuate as Hurricane Ingrid and tropical storm Manuel triggered rain, landslides and floods in Mexico.

The systems soaked large swathes of the country, causing rivers to swell, flooding streets and damaging bridges as they flanked the coasts, with Manuel in the Pacific and Ingrid in the Gulf of Mexico.

The storms were blamed for at least 14 deaths in the south-eastern state of Guerrero and six in the central states of Puebla and Hidalgo, officials said.

In Guerrero, more than 2,000 people left their homes while 21,000 households were without power, state civil protection official Constantino Gonzales Vargas said.

Of the 14 fatalities, six people were killed when their van’s driver lost control due to a lack of visibility on a slippery road as they made their way to the resort city of Acapulco, he said.

Six others died in landslides and the collapse of walls in three Guerrero towns.

Two more people drowned when they were swept away by a swollen river in the state capital Chilpancingo.

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Hurricane Manuel Likley to Trigger Flash Floods and Mudslides

(TWC) Tropical Storm Manuel formed near Mexico’s Pacific coast Friday afternoon. Manuel’s center is expected to move to the north or northwest before heading inland into Mexico and dissipating later this weekend.

Projected Path

Projected Path

A hurricane warning has been issued for portions of the Mexican coast, including Lazaro Cardenas to Manzanillo. A tropical storm warning has been posted for a part of the Mexican coast, including Acapulco to east of Lazaro Cardenas.

This is one case where the track of the center of circulation may not be as important as other tropical cyclones.

As you can see in the infrared satellite below, a large area of thunderstorms lies around this large gyre in which Manuel’s circulation resides. 

Therefore, heavy rain will be the main threat from this system. Isolated totals up to 20 inches are possible in the Mexican states of Oaxaca and Guerrero. This will likely trigger life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides.

Mexican cargo train derails; at least 5 killed

People inspect the derailed cargo train in Huimanguillo, Mexico, on Sunday, August 25.

People inspect the derailed cargo train in Huimanguillo, Mexico, on Sunday, August 25.

(CNN) — A cargo train with stowaway migrants on board derailed in southern Mexico on Sunday morning, killing five people and injuring 16 more, officials said.

At least 250 Honduran migrants were traveling on the train when it derailed, the government of Mexico’s Tabasco state said in a statement.

Rescuers were at the scene in a remote area of the state on Sunday, civil protection officials said.

Photos showed overturned train cars and injured victims on the tracks.

Eight cars overturned in the derailment, which happened around 3 a.m. in the municipality of Huimanguillo.

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Mexican immigrants claim political assylum due to “loop hole”



SAN DIEGO – A loophole is allowing hundreds of immigrants across the Mexico border in to the United States.

Immigrants are being taught to use “key words and phrases” to be allowed to enter and stay in the country.

Just this past Monday, Border Patrol agents say about 200 people came through the Otay Crossing claiming a quote: “credible fear” of the drug cartels.

So many were doing this that they had to close down the processing center and move the overflow by vans to another station.

“They are being told if they come across the border, when they come up to the border and they say certain words, they  will be allowed into the country,” said a person who did not want to be identified on camera.  “We are being overwhelmed.”

Pete Nunez, former U.S. Attorney and immigration expert says, “This will swamp the system.”

“To make our system even more ridiculous than it has been in the  past,” he adds.  “There are no detention facilities for families, so the family would have to be split up. We don’t want to split families up, so we end up releasing people out into the community on bond, on bail.”

Nunez says, “It’s a huge loophole.”

“There has to be a policy change, something implemented, an emergency implementation that will stop this, or otherwise we will have thousands coming in.”

Immigrants are telling the Port Enforcement Team — or P.E.T. — that the cartels are ripping apart their state.

There’s no word on whether this same loophole is being used in Arizona.

Mexico’s Popocatepetl Volcano Spews Ash, U.S. Airlines Cancel Flights

Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano Ash

Lava flows from the Popocatepetl volcano after an eruption, seen from Tlamacas, Mexico, early Wednesday, May 15, 2013. (AP Photo/Arturo Andrade)


MEXICO CITY — At least six U.S. airlines canceled 47 flights into and out of the Mexico City and Toluca airports Thursday after the Popocatepetl volcano spewed ash, steam and glowing rocks, airport officials said.

Mexico City airport spokesman Jorge Gomez said U.S. Airways, Delta, United, American and Alaska Airlines canceled the flights as a precaution. But he said the airport otherwise continues to operate normally and that by Thursday afternoon no ash had reached the area, about 40 miles (70 kilometers) northwest from the volcano.

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Seven Severed Heads Found on Highway Near Guadalajara, Mexico’s Second-Biggest City

Heads stuffed in plastic bags discovered outside Guadalajara, site of horrific turf battle between warring drug cartels. Two teens found murdered earlier this week.

	Guadalajar, Mexico 

Guadalajara, in western Mexico, has been overrun by drug war violence including beheadings and the assassination of a government official.    Google

Seven severed heads were found along a highway outside  Guadalajara, further gruesome evidence that drug wars in Mexico’s second-biggest city are spiraling out of control.

The heads, stuffed into plastic bags, were discovered on the edge of a highway in Jalisco state, authorities said Wednesday.

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